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Also called Shellycoats and many other names.
A Brownie is a kind of benevolent house Fae that finds a kind and caring family to help. They have been described as a personage of small stature with curly hair and often wearing a brown mantle and hood. They are named for the color of their skin and hair, a reddish brown color. Brownies make their homes in an unused part of the house, often in attics and holes in walls. At night when the inhabitants of the house are asleep, they come out to dutifully work around the house and finish whatever chores the owners were too tired to complete. They will not accept payment for their service, but appreciate "gifts"-their favorite being porridge and honey. In some villages, near their chapel, they had a large flat stone called "Brownie’s stone," upon which the ancient inhabitants offered a cow’s milk every Sunday to secure the good-will of the "Brownies." That the Brownies were good eaters, and could out-do the cat in their love for cream, is well proven in many places. They also have a fondness for corn muffins.

Brownies seldom spoke with humans, and are generally shy, but they held frequent and affectionate conversations with one another. Sometimes they will bond with one person and become their confidante, giving them good advice. They had general assemblies as well, usually held on a remote, rocky shore. Only some people can see them. Some can also shapeshift into farm animals. Tradition calls for a chair to be left empty beside the fireplace for the brownie to rest himself.

The Brownie's many acts of kindness include but are not limited to: Sweeping, cleaning, dusting, cooking, churning butter, sewing up holes in old garments, caring for the sick, and fending off angry bees. Their helpfulness and diligence has been regarded as an inspiration, as it has been said; "It is indeed refreshing to learn that at a time when the age was so dark that even Christianity could scarcely send a ray of light through it, and when every man's hand seemed to be against his brother, when poachers, moss-troopers and plundering men of might were denuding the land, the "Brownies" through rain and shine were found at their post every night, aiding the distressed, picking up the work that weary hands let fall, and in many ways winning the love and respect of the people."

If a Brownie is mistreated in any way, they will turn into an evil Boggart, wreaking havoc on the house and the family that lives there. The only way to turn it back again is to be kind to it, or give it honey. A Brownie will leave his house if he is displeased or if a set of new clothes is left out for him, this is taken as a signal that it is time to move on.